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How Does This Work?


Send me an email, ask me any questions you have about the mastering process. Please don't be shy, hit me up


Let me know when you would like go ahead and i'll book in your studio time. Upload the files to a file sharing service such as Dropbox, Google drive or wetransfer and send me a download link


with a splash of science and art AKA mastering your music!


Download the mastered songs and have a listen! If you're making CD's and require a DDP i will include a free DDP player/burner


Once you are totally happy and sign off on the master, i send an invoice with both PayPal and direct deposit details. Done!

I'll keep working until you're happy...

If you're not 100% happy, i'll head back to the studio until you are!!!
Wether you need a minor tweak or a full re-master, not a problem and no extra charges

unlimited and guaranteed


Mastering Guy is MFiT accredited and all tracks are checked with Apples "Mastered for iTunes" tools. This helps to make sure that your music will still sound fantastic after iTunes converts it to their ACC format

M/S Mastering

I specialise in M/S mastering. This is basically splitting the stereo track into middle and side channels, to treat them differently. This is a huge advantage when trying to get tight and punchy low end,  loud and clear vocals and the choruses sounding huge and wide! This is also the best way to make your track SUPER LOUD!!! without having to destroy it with clipping limiters and pumping compressors

Master From Stems

If you're not completely confident in the acoustics or monitoring of your mix room,  you're still developing your mixing skills or you're just not quite nailing it i offer mix/mastering from stems. This is simply sending me stereo mix downs of the various sub groups in the mix (e.g. vocals, drums, bass, guitars/synths, fx) This lets me make a few deeper level tweaks to help get the most out of your music. Check out my article here for more information



AUD - $80 USD



AUD - $150 USD

*24hr delivery is available for singles. It is recommend to book ahead of time for albums

More Info/ FAQ

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